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Sanah, Washington D.C.
"This class was transformative for my confidence as well as my ability to defend myself. There were lots of 'a-ha' moments for me. The most profound one was that it's not about being stronger than your attacker, but being smarter and simply more violent and using that to survive the encounter. This was a totally new perspective for me. I learned what I am already capable of and that I have other options besides fear. This class is a gem, packed with useful information and opportunities to practice both verbal and physical skills to handle a variety of sketchy situations and speak up for boundaries. Jason is equally as funny as he is knowledgeable and patient. He clearly loves what he does and cares about making sure we walk away ready to defend ourselves. I feel so much more prepared and am so glad I took it. Recommended for everyone!"
Maia, Australia
"Jason's class was fantastic. The lessons were practical and filled to the brim with tips and tricks for getting out of a precarious situation fast. Jason is friendly and professional and he creates an environment that feels safe and not at all intimidating. It is clear how passionate he is about equipping people with the skills they need to protect themselves and it is obvious that he takes this responsibility of imparting his self-defense knowledge seriously. I look forward to doing further classes and would recommend them to others considering taking lessons in self-defense."
Daniel, Nevada City
"It is evident from day one that Jason has been training his entire life. He utilizes the crawl-walk-run method which helps me learn at a reasonable pace. He has no problem explaining things in detail to help me understand. Jason is no stranger to what is happening in today’s world and he does a good job preparing me to protect myself and my family if need be."
Natalia, Sacramento
"Jason’s class was amazing! What I appreciated most was that the techniques and skills he covered were practical and accessible to all, regardless of physical ability. Jason reminded us that confrontations are extremely anxiety-provoking and most often pit you against someone physically stronger than you. He focused on simple, basic movements and diversion tactics that are realistic to remember and implement even under extreme pressure. He also covered steps to take in day-to-day life to avoid dangerous situations and recommended affordable and convenient personal protection tools. Jason is extremely personable, patient, and clearly passionate about what he does. Although violence is a difficult topic, his class is engaging, and his sense of humor shines through. Highly recommend!"
Kelsey, Switzerland
"Jason’s approach to self-defense is very unique and therefore very impactful. As a young woman who tends to be more passive and accommodating to other people, it was freeing to hear that when it comes to my safety I can be forceful and that’s ok. I left the class feeling more confident in myself and my ability to protect myself in the world. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and explains his concepts with clarity and refreshing realism. He truly cares about equipping you with the strategies to live in the real world, not a perfect world."

Jason Sussdorf

Founder & Lead Instructor

  • Raised in his family’s dojo by two martial artists. 

  • Studied multiple martial arts disciplines from around the world.

  • Special operations veteran (Tactical PSYOP) with 2 tours to Iraq.

  • Former Air Force flight medic.
  • Retired firefighter and SWAT medic.

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IRL: Swamp Foxes in the Wild

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“I was attending a concert at a venue in Sacramento with my husband. It was general admission so everyone was standing together, packed in fairly tightly. When my husband left to get a beer, the ‘gentleman’ behind me took the opportunity to touch me inappropriately. As a woman in a relatively high-alert atmosphere, I naturally had up some defenses. As a woman who took Jason’s 3-hour self-defense class earlier that year, I not only had up those defenses but I had some tactics at the ready as well. I spun around, placed three fingertips of my right hand just above the notch of his sternum, and pressed into that very tender spot with a clear direction for him to back up. And yes, it was said with a couple of words that I’m sure any reader can imagine! This alone was enough of a warning shot across the bow that this guy may not want to continue down this path with me. His eyes grew very wide, as did his friend’s, who quickly suggested they both go stand elsewhere. As a petite woman, I am so grateful for the easy-to-use skills Jason gave me to deescalate what could be very dangerous situations. They aren’t skills I hope to use, but they make life much less fearful.”—Toube, Chico, CA

If you’ve been the victim of a violent attack and need emotional support, please reach out to the 
Victim Connect Resource Center.

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