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Our Rates

Prices will vary depending on the details of your event. Please use the information below as guidelines, but connect with us to discuss YOUR customized rate today.

We are committed to eliminating fear from as many lives as possible.


If your organization is covering the cost for the team:

  • This sends the message to your people that you are willing to invest in your most important asset: THEM.  

  • You covering the single, pre-negotiated group rate will encourage participation, greatly increasing your ROI.

Individuals Pay

If you prefer that your team members cover their own registration fees, or if you are a member of a private group:

  • Your people will still appreciate the effort you’re making to offer and coordinate this life-saving program.

  • A minimum number of sign-ups will be required. If this minimum is not met within 2 weeks of your scheduled seminar, you will have the option to either reschedule for a more convenient time OR agree to pay Swamp Fox Tactics the difference between actual sign-ups and the minimum agreed-upon amount.

Whichever option best suits your needs, we are here to help! We will provide marketing materials (including a short promo video to share with your team) and will handle the registrations, coordinating with you every step of the way.

Travel Expenses & Rates

  • Travel expenses will depend upon your location and whether the event is one or more days. In general, we charge $25/hour for drive time and the standard business mileage rate as set by the IRS

  • If flights and/or overnight stays are required, all parking, accommodations, and travel costs will be built into the cost of the program.

Are you a non-profit? Creative discounts may apply.

Collaborate With Us

Are you an instructor? A rep for a gear company? Got another type of partnership in mind?

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