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Group Programs

From paramilitary professionals to tech startups, Swamp Fox Tactics offers group classes that range from tactical medical instruction for law enforcement and civilians to an exciting day of corporate team building.

See below for details about each group program we offer.

3-Hour Self-Defense Seminar

The 3-hour self-defense seminar is an excellent way for those who have no experience with self-defense to gain a valuable, effective set of skills and a new mindset with which to apply them, in a comfortable and safe environment. Even those with combatives training or martial arts experience will still benefit greatly. Allow us to highlight your existing potential and show you how to use it to survive dangerous confrontations.

This seminar is by no means “one size fits all.” We tailor all aspects of self-defense to both the class and the individuals participating.

  • Not new to self-defense? Compound your existing foundation by adding Jason’s years of combat training and experience to your toolbox.

  • You will leave the seminar mentally prepared to enact violence to protect yourself and your loved ones. This shift is quite possibly the most valuable takeaway.

  • Life-saving medical self-aid and buddy care: In a fight, injuries happen. Learn the necessary skills to survive them.

  • This seminar can be provided to a class of women only, allowing these life-saving skills to be taught in a non-threatening and comfortable environment. Learn more here

Emergency Response

Planning & Training

​While we cannot plan for everything, we can certainly plan for many things. Having a combination of specialized skills and carefully-selected supplies at the ready can significantly improve your chances of surviving various situations, from natural disasters to man-made emergencies. We've taken Jason's myriad of professional training and distilled it all into this invaluable program. Topics include:

  • Personal emergency medical and trauma response. 

  • Active/post-active shooter medical response.

  • Emergency medical response planning and training for the whole family.

  • TacMed for the professional.

  • Natural disaster planning and response.

Corporate Program

The Corporate Program is for businesses and/or groups of like-minded individuals of any skill level that are looking for a quality, practical self-defense course. This is the perfect addition to a corporate wellness program, as employees will acquire useful ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and fear of the unknown in today’s climate.

  • Your customized program starts with a free 30-minute consultation to address your company’s needs and concerns.

  • Swamp Fox Tactics will give your employees an empowering experience tailored to your working environment, whether you operate in-person or remotely.

  • Self-defense training promotes confidence, healthy self-esteem, and leadership skills while helping dissuade workplace violence before it starts.

  • Whatever makes your business unique—from office workers to delivery drivers, from the dangers of sharing co-working spaces to traveling the world—we have your employees’ safety covered through this fun team building event. Let us show them you care.

Speaking Engagement:

The Self-Defense Mindset

Want to inspire and empower your group? Jason’s 1-hour informative and engaging presentation will give your people a new lens through which to view the world by discussing the self-defense mindset and how it applies to every facet of life. Predators now exist in the physical world as well as on the internet. Learn new ways to be mentally cunning, resourceful, and vigilant.


Offered in-person or virtually.

Sanah, Washington D.C.
"This class was transformative for my confidence as well as my ability to defend myself. There were lots of 'a-ha' moments for me. The most profound one was that it's not about being stronger than your attacker, but being smarter and simply more violent and using that to survive the encounter. This was a totally new perspective for me. I learned what I am already capable of and that I have other options besides fear. This class is a gem, packed with useful information and opportunities to practice both verbal and physical skills to handle a variety of sketchy situations and speak up for boundaries. Jason is equally as funny as he is knowledgeable and patient. He clearly loves what he does and cares about making sure we walk away ready to defend ourselves. I feel so much more prepared and am so glad I took it. Recommended for everyone!"
Maia, Australia
"Jason's class was fantastic. The lessons were practical and filled to the brim with tips and tricks for getting out of a precarious situation fast. Jason is friendly and professional and he creates an environment that feels safe and not at all intimidating. It is clear how passionate he is about equipping people with the skills they need to protect themselves and it is obvious that he takes this responsibility of imparting his self-defense knowledge seriously. I look forward to doing further classes and would recommend them to others considering taking lessons in self-defense."
Nicole, Napa
"As a woman who is a mom and also travels a lot, safety is always a concern. I can now say that after Jason’s 3-hour seminar, I have a significantly enhanced awareness and confidence in my ability to defend myself should the need arise. Jason created an environment that was comfortable and relaxed, and all the movements were easy to learn. He is super engaging in class and gives a lot of helpful feedback without being critical. The topic of violence inherently makes one uncomfortable, but I appreciated the realism that Jason provided. Every stage of a potential confrontation was broken down, and levels of escalation explained. He really emphasized the importance of being mentally prepared for the surprise and pain of an assault, along with the willingness to totally commit to the fight if there are no other options. Pairing the physical lessons with the mental ones helped me realize that self-defense isn't a 'technique-heavy hobby;' it is a way to empower yourself by sharpening your innate common sense. I am grateful for having learned such valuable and easy-to-employ tactics."
Natalia, Sacramento
"Jason’s class was amazing! What I appreciated most was that the techniques and skills he covered were practical and accessible to all, regardless of physical ability. Jason reminded us that confrontations are extremely anxiety-provoking and most often pit you against someone physically stronger than you. He focused on simple, basic movements and diversion tactics that are realistic to remember and implement even under extreme pressure. He also covered steps to take in day-to-day life to avoid dangerous situations and recommended affordable and convenient personal protection tools. Jason is extremely personable, patient, and clearly passionate about what he does. Although violence is a difficult topic, his class is engaging, and his sense of humor shines through. Highly recommend!"
Kelsey, Switzerland
"Jason’s approach to self-defense is very unique and therefore very impactful. As a young woman who tends to be more passive and accommodating to other people, it was freeing to hear that when it comes to my safety I can be forceful and that’s ok. I left the class feeling more confident in myself and my ability to protect myself in the world. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and explains his concepts with clarity and refreshing realism. He truly cares about equipping you with the strategies to live in the real world, not a perfect world."

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